The beginning of the XXI century creates new, often extremely difficult conditions for the development of academic institutions and each of their educational units. The globalization of the modern information society is causing changes in the understanding of the role of science, education and culture. The “digital age” and the virtualization of communication implements technological approaches that devaluate national traditions and cultural heritage of mankind.

The strategic aim of the Faculty of Philology of Lviv Ivan Franko National University is to provide the education of high quality to future philologists, to help them become professionals of the new generation, to provide creative academic environment and decent studying and working conditions for both students and professors in accordance with Ukrainian laws and Christian principles.

Our main principles:

 respect for our students, professors, faculty members;

 work in accordance with the academic ethics;

 preservation of Ukrainian academic traditions in a combination with innovative approaches and ideas;

 promoting a creative initiative for the development of Ukrainian education and science;

 clear division of responsibilities for faculty officials;

 transparency, discipline, reasonableness, consistency, responsibility and decision-making on personal and collective levels.