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Student Council is the body of faculty’s student government which is part of the University’s Student government.

Student Council’s main goal and objectives are:

🔶 To ensure and protect students’ rights and interests including those related to the organization of the educational process;

🔶 To facilitate students’ learning, scientific and creative activities;

🔶 To facilitate the creation of adequate living conditions in dormitories and conditions for student recreation;

🔶 To promote the activities of student’s clubs, societies, associations;

🔶 To organize cooperation with students from other universities and youth organizations;

🔶 To participate in a decision-making process concerned about student exchange issues within Ukrainian universities and universities abroad;

🔶 To participate in scholarship fund distribution;

🔶 To provide students with informational, legal, psychological support and all sorts of assistance.

Student Council’s Head of the Philological Faculty – Dyka Marta


  • Student Trade Union

Trade Union is the Students’ Trade Union Committee’s structural element, a voluntary student organization with the ultimate aim of creating conditions for young people’s self-realization and protection of their rights.

Trade Union’s principal powers are as follows:

🔷 To control the granting of students’ scholarships;

🔷 To organize comfortable conditions when students move in dormitories;

🔷 To represent students interests before the faculty’s administration and the university;

🔷 To help students who belong to socially vulnerable groups;

🔷 To organize various events, leisure activities for students;

🔷 To constantly inform the students of the faculty;

🔷 To help with resolving students’ problems and conflicts which arise during the learning process.

Student Trade Union’s Head of the Philological Faculty – Polytska Olia


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