Halyna Kruk: “Poetry can be a part and manifestation of a civic position as well…”

13.05.2024 | 14:45
Amelia M. Glaser, Yuliya Ilchuk, and Halyna Kruk, who are shortlisted for A Crash Course in Molotov Cocktails (Arrowsmith Press).
“I try to sit down and write in the mornings before my teaching and meetings begin — even if it’s just a half hour of putting new thoughts into words. Once I have done that, in the afternoon and evening I indulge myself in translating. Translation has always been a way of reading deeply and focusing my thoughts around language. It’s also an intimate way of communicating with another writer, of trying to climb into their thoughts and responding in my English. I love this part of my day — it’s a little like talking with a friend, reading a really good book, and solving a puzzle all wrapped into one.”
–Amelia M. Glaser
“Always research your topic first, and discuss it with your mentors and peers. Then, forget what you’ve read and communicate your ideas with the courage of your convictions.”
–Yuliya Ilchuk
“When a poet finds themselves in conditions of a war, turning away is out of the question. Poetry does not force you to choose either/or: either you are a poet or you are a citizen. Poetry can be a part and manifestation of a civic position as well, go deeper into the collective experience, speak not only on behalf of ‘me’ but also ‘we.’ This is exactly the perspective European literature has forgotten or underestimated.”
–Halyna Kruk, from an interview with CHYTOMO
They will grace the stage of Koerner Hall on June 5 in Toronto, along with our other shortlisted finalists. Tickets for the 2024 Readings are now on sale and can be purchased at this link, or directly at the box office of Koerner Hall, 273 Bloor Street West.