In 2021 eight scientific conferences were held at the Faculty of Philology:

  1. International Scientific Conference “Revival of Oriental Studies: In Memory of Yarema Polotnyuk”, on the occasion of 85th Yarema Polotnyuk’s birth anniversary (December 2020).
  2. University’s Scientific Report-Conference for 2020 (February 2-3, 2021).
  3. The 19th All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Young Philologists “VIVAT ACADEMIA”: “Noblewoman of the Ukrainian Spirit”, on the occasion of 150th Lesia Ukrainka’s birth anniversary (April 16, 2021).
  4. International Scientific Conference “Theory and Practice of Teaching Ukrainian as a Foreign Language” (May 14, 2021).
  5. The 29th International Slavonic Studies Colloquium to honour the Slavs’ Saints Cyril and Methodius (May 20-21, 2021)
  6. The 35th Annual Scientific Conference dedicated to Ivan Franko “Genre Paradigm of Ivan Franko’s Scientific, Publicistic and Artistic Heritage” (October 22, 2021).
  7. All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference “Literature and History: Anthropos – Topos – Tropos” (October 28-29, 2021).
  8. International Scientific Conference “Eighth Readings from the Works of Filaret Kolessa” (to honour the 150th Filaret Kolessa’s birth anniversary)” (October 28-30, 2021).

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