Research Areas

The main directions of research at the Faculty of Philology: Ukrainian language; Ukrainian as a foreign language; Ukrainian literature; Ivan Franko Studies; medieval literature studies; theory of literature; comparative literature studies; folklore studies; general linguistics; applied linguistics; sociolinguistics; comparative-historical, typological linguistics; Slavic languages ​​(Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech); literature of Slavic peoples; oriental languages ​​(Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese); translation studies.

Research and teaching staff of the departments in 2021-2022 worked on the following research topics:

1) Synchrony and diachrony of the lexical and grammatical system of the Ukrainian language

(supervisor  –  Z. Kupchynska , Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

2) Ukrainian language as a code of the nation: culturology, history, language didactics

(supervisor  – I. Kochan, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

3) Historiosophical and metaphysical visions of Ukrainian literature of the end of twenty century (90s) and the first two decades of the twenty-first century in the European context

(supervisor  – T. Saliga, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

4) Ukrainian continental and diasporic literature: texts and contexts

(supervisor – M. Hnatiuk, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.)

5) Modern trends in the development of folklore: traditions and innovation

(supervisor –  V. Ivashkiv, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

6) Multilingual texts and discourses in socio-communicative, cognitive and linguistic-statistical dimensions

(supervisor – F. Batsevich, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

7) Language in society: semantics, syntactics, pragmatics

(supervisor – G. Matsyuk, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

8) Linguistic, literary, translation paradigms of modern Slavic studies: problems and prospects

(supervisor – A. Tatarenko, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

9) Modern Polish language and literature in development and contacts

(supervisor – H. Stelmakh, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).

10) Actual problems of modern oriental studies

(supervisor – H. Stelmakh, Ph.D. in philology, Prof.).