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International conference


November 7-8, 2022

The conference aims to revisit the role, positioning and impact of Ukrainian studies that stood for decades – together with Polish, Czech and Slovakian scholarship – in the shadow of Russian studies within the world leading Slavic academic centers.

As the research community strives for in‐depth investigations into this unduly neglected situation, some researchers have rightly expressed concerns over the academic rigor and trustworthiness of modern Slavic studies with its unequal if not manipulative representations of cultures. Numerous departments of “Russian and Slavic Studies” inviting students to acquire knowledge of Russian literature, culture and language with the elements of other Slavic cultures seem to view the latter as the Other, which, in Said’s sense, is constrained within the frames of imperial knowledge imposed by Russia.

As the paradigm shift in the Slavic Studies is inevitable, the present conference is a research-based, scholarly response to the current moment that calls for deep rethinking of the area, re-reading and actualizing the multi-perspective Ukrainian narrative and opening up new intellectual perspectives. The event provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers and educators in Slavic Studies to present and discuss the most recent concerns, trends and thematic innovations.

The participants of the conference expand the discussion on the following aspects:

  • deciphering the multivoicedness of Slavic Studies in the “world republic of letters”, in Pascale Casanova’s terms;
  • retranslating Ukraine to the world through the relevant and adequate presentation of its literature and cultural heritage on the global scene;
  • problematizing the agency, paratextual framing and reception of translations of Ukrainian literature, both contemporary and classic;
  • contesting the Russian-bound perspective in Slavic Studies.

The official conference languages are English and Ukrainian.

Simultaneous interpreting is provided.

If you are interested in participating as a non-presenting participant, please register by filling in the form until November 6, 2022:

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