Rostyslav Chopyk

Position: Associate Professor, The Ukrainian Literature Department named after academician Mykhailo Vozniak

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): +380 322 394 190

Phone (cell): +380972270793


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Research interests

Ukrainian literature in the late 18th — 19th — early 20th centuries: preparation for publication of the monograph “From Skovoroda to Shevchenko: formation of national identity in the pre-Shevchenko period of New Ukrainian literature.”
Hutsul language and Hutsul text in literature. Organization and holding of traveling conferences: “The Hutsul World of Hnat Khotkevich” (2018), “From Ivan to Peter (to the 140th anniversary of Peter Shikeryk-Donyk, the author of the famous Hutsul novel “Dido Ivanchyk”)” (2019), “On the Road to Burkut ( 2019). to the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka)” (2021), “De Libertate! From the Itinerant Conference to the Itinerant University (and to the 300th anniversary of the main Ukrainian itinerant)” (2022)
Key words: pre-Shevchenko period, national identity, G.Skovoroda, T.Shevchenko, I.Kotlyarevskyy, M.Gogol, romantism, Hutsulian text.


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  • Conferenses
    “Here’s where your homeland shines, The best part of all!”: The place of Franko’s work in the concept of the formation of modern Ukrainian identity. Report at the XXXIV annual scientific conference “Your hearts will feel the ancient power”: Franko’s dimensions of national identity. Lviv, October 23, 2020.
    Burkut and its place in Ukrainian literature (To the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka). Report at the Report Conference of LNU named after I. Franko. February 3, 2021.
    Lesyna road to Burkut in literature (based on the stories of G. Kholopov “Journey to Burkut”, S. Pushyk “Carpathian Summer”, M. Laiuk “Iron Water”). Report at the Fifth Traveling Conference “On the Road to Burkut (To the 150th Anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka)”. Yavoriv — Kryvorivnia — Verkhovyna — Zelene — Burkut — Vyzhnytsia.” August 12-15, 2021.
    Wozniak’s version of the authorship of “History of the Rusy” // Report at the Ukrainian scientific conference “Old-School Intellectual”, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Mykhailo Wozniak. Lviv, 2021, November.
    Hryhoriy Skovoroda and Jacob Boehme: typological echoes // Report at the annual scientific conference of LNU named after I. Franko. Lviv, 2022, February 7.
    First and foremost — to be a person // Report at the jubilee conference for the 85th birthday of Prof. Bohdana Melnychuk. Chernivtsi, 2022, February 21-22.
    Skovoroda’s parable “Poor Lark” as a bridge between Old and New Ukrainian literature // Kryvorivnya — Gora Pip Ivan, 2022, August 19-21.
    From Skovoroda to Shevchenko // Lecture-conversation at the “Fifth Kharkiv” festival. Kharkiv, 2022, September 23-25.


Born on August 7, 1965. in the city of Mykolaiv, Lviv region.
Studying at the Chernivtsi State University, now ChNU. Yu. Fedkovicha (1982-1987)
Senior bibliographer of the V. Stefanyk Lviv Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1990-1991)
Junior researcher of the Lviv branch of the T.G. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1991-2001)
Postgraduate student of the Department of Ukrainian Literature of LNU named after Ivan Franko, external form (1990-1994)
Defense of the candidate’s thesis “The role of Ivan Franko’s early worldview and aesthetic manifestations in the evolution of his work in 1870-1880”, December 2002
Working at Ivan Franko National University since 1994
Director of the Ivan Franko Institute of French Studies (2019-2021)


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