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ChairpersonIryna KochanChairperson
Associate ProfessorKhrystyna ShchepanskaAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorAdriana CHUCHVARAAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorIvanna FetskoAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorNataliia KHIBEBAAssociate Professor
Associate Professor (by-worker)Danuta MAZURYKAssociate Professor (by-worker)
Associate ProfessorOlena SLOBODZYANYKAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorDariya YAKYMOVYCH-CHAPRANAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorIryna ZBYRAssociate Professor
Senior LecturerOleksandra ANTONIVSenior Lecturer
LecturerMariia KukharchyshynLecturer

Lecturers' schedule

History of the department

The Department of Ukrainian Applied Linguistics was established by the decision of the Academic Council of Lviv National University on June 22, 1996. Respected scholars, known both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, work at the Department. These are the authors of monographs, textbooks, tutorials, dictionaries, which are used not only by university students, but also by Ukrainian scholars and Ukrainian departments located in Europe. The Department maintains close ties with various international scientific institutions and academic communities from the Ukrainian studies centers around the world.

The main spheres of engagement of the Department of Ukrainian Applied Linguistics are the teaching of the Ukrainian language to foreign students and the academic discipline “Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes” at various faculties of the university. The Department has a PhD program for training qualified scholars in “Ukrainian Language” and “Ukrainian as a Foreign Language”.

Teachers from Ukraine and abroad are trained at the Department in the following areas: “Ukrainian as a Foreign Language” and “Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes”.

The Department offers specialized programs leading to the degree of “Bachelor of Philology. Specialist in the Ukrainian Language and Literature. Specialist in the Ukrainian Language as a Foreign Language”. Within the educational and professional program “Ukrainian Language and Literature, the Ukrainian Language as a Foreign Language” students of the Department of Ukrainian Philology receive special training in teaching Ukrainian to adults and children as a foreign language (inherited) in mono- and polylingual classrooms, as well as how to conduct comprehensive test control to determine the level of proficiency in Ukrainian as a foreign language.

“The Art of Editing – from Analogue to Digital”

17.01.2023 | 16:33

The Editors of the journal “Studies in Polish Literature” are currently preparing the annual volume LXXIX, intended to collect contributions regarding the following topic
“The Art of Editing – from Analogue to Digital”

We invite you to submit articles to the issue of “Studies in Polish Literature” planned for 2024, which will be entirely devoted to the broadly understood issues of contemporary editing. The scope of the volume is intended to cover both traditional and paper editions as well as digital ones.

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Young Linguists’ Conference ATENA

14.12.2022 | 00:38

The Research Centre for Applied Linguistics POLIGLOCI
and the Department of Applied Linguistics of the University of Rzeszów
are pleased to invite students and PhD students to participate
in the third edition of the international
Young Linguists’ Conference
which will be held online on 19 April 2023
via the Zoom platform.
As in the previous editions of our conference, this year we would like to invite students and
PhD students who conduct research in the following disciplines:
 Linguistics

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Talk “Writer’s Idiolect and Its Main Statistical Parameters (Case of Long Prose by Ivan Franko)”

12.12.2022 | 14:28

We would like to draw your attention to the following talk taking place on 13th December (10:15 AM) at the FSU Jena by Prof. Dr. Solomiya Buk (General Linguistics Department at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) on the topic:

“Writer’s Idiolect and Its Main Statistical Parameters (Case of Long Prose by Ivan Franko)”
The study іs devoted to the search for strategies of complex system corpus lexіcographіc and statistical linguistic description of the author’s іdіolect, to the creatіon of a methodology for revealіng the quantіtatіve specіfіcіty of Franko’s texts as a necessary...

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Registration for the Lecture “Basics of Capital Structure and Corporate Governance” (Lecturer – Charles K. Whitehead )

21.11.2022 | 20:56

Basics of Capital Structure and Corporate Governance

Capital structure and corporate governance are interrelated. How a company raises capital affects how it is governed, and vice versa. This lecture will focus on how U.S. world-class businesses are governed – the fiduciary duties to which boards of directors and officers are subject – and the relationship between corporate governance and a company’s capital structure

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